Time & Water Information

Portugal specifies time according to the 24-hour clock which can be quite confusing for those who are accustomed to 'am' & 'pm'.

Portugal maintains Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC) as summer time. Therefore, you need not change your watch if arriving from the UK. GMT is normally one hour behind CET.

Clocks are put forward one hour on the last Sunday of March and back one hour on the last Sunday of October, according to the rules of the European Union.

Lisbon the capital of Portugal has safe EU regulated tap water, which is safe to drink. Most residents drink bottled water and use the tap water for cooking, bathing, etc, as the water is a bit calcarious.

As chlorine is added at the treatment plants and the water is high in minerals it can have a different taste.

Many residents are now installing in their homes Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems which remove 99,9% of all the contaminants in the water. It also removes all minerals, so we advise to get a mineral cartridge included in the system that adds minerals to the filtered water and also balances the PH.

You get the purest and cleanest water, no more plastic bottles/containers, and much better than most bottled water.

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