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The newest restaurants in Lisbon


Despite the crisis, there are certain sectors that are still thriving. In a city where people take great pleasure in eating, drinking and socialising, the restaurant business continues to reinvent itself with hip new places.


Rossio Restaurante Bar


At the top of the five-star contemporary Altis Avenida Hotel, centrally located on the Avenida da Liberdade, is the stunning Rossio Restaurante Bar. With French inspired dishes, this modern restaurant excels for its friendly and sophisticated service and unbeatable panoramic views.


Executive Chefs: José Avillez

josé Avillez

The true nature of Portuguese cuisine is maintained with the appearance of young and creative chefs that dedicate their working lives to creating new innovations in Portuguese cuisine. This is the case of José Avillez, who believes that to sit at a table is much more than just eating, it is a social and a family activity. Through his project, “Life style cooking”, José Avillez has sought to improve the Portuguese gastronomic culture by producing dishes that enhance the flavours of Portuguese traditional cooking and by teaching people how to cook through classes and cook-books.


Chocolate in Lisbon: choose your favourite flavour


One of the best things about winter is getting warm. Warming up by the fireplace, warming your hands on a cup of tea, getting warm under a blanket or warming up your sweet tooth with some hot chocolate… Lisbon’s chocolate shops offer a multitude of flavours to try – how about warming up your appetite with dark chocolate with nuts and caramel, or maybe white chocolate, or chocolate with hint of rose, warming up your curiosity with tomato and olive oil flavoured chocolate, or truffles, or orange flavoured chocolates...


The Sushi Trail

Koi LisboaKoi Lisboa

Sometimes a simple smell or taste can make you travel to far away lands. A combination of colours, architecture and aesthetics may make you feel like you have just walked through a door and into a whole new world. Encountering new flavours and scents, new cultures and ways of life may be just at your doorstep. Whilst in Lisbon, visitors can enjoy some of the best Japanese food in the world. Lisbon is an ideal city to try some wonders from the orient. The atmosphere is soothing and friendly, inviting you to sit and enjoy the thousands of flavours that Japanese cuisine so proudly maintains and nurtures.


Executive Chef: Vítor Sobral

Vitor Sobral

Portuguese cuisine no longer only comprises of heavy meals with strong (and tasty) flavours, but rather it has evolved at a surprising speed and many new chefs have emerged on the scene. Each in their own way, these chefs are creators, developing a new concept of Portuguese cuisine that uses national ingredients, but in a more appealing, original and creative way. Gone are the days when the best restaurants in town were only the Italian or the Japanese restaurants.

One figure who gave life to this new phase of cooking is Vítor Sobral. With light green eyes and a friendly smile, Vítor Sobral and his crew not only manage one of the best restaurants in Lisbon - Tasca da Esquina, but also create new dishes and flavours on a daily basis.


Restaurants: The 8 most trendy in Lisbon

Restaurant bubblyRestaurante BoccaRestaurante Bubbly

Lisbon is under constant innovation. Every day there is a new exhibition, a new restaurant, a new bar, or a new store. In every corner of the city a new concept flourishes with décor never seen before. Lisbon is increasingly focused on design and modernisation and restaurants are an excellent example of this. Increasingly experimental, original and creative, the cuisine is still faithful to the flavours of the highest quality ingredients. We present here a list of the trendiest restaurants in Lisbon.


The “Classic” Restaurants in Lisbon

Restaurante Faz Figura

If there are people who arrive in Lisbon and have never heard about Gambrinus or Faz Figura, little have they heard about Lisbon. Those restaurants that have been on the top restaurant lists for over ten years and are what we call the “Classics”. But more than based on longevity, this term applies to those restaurants that have stood out for their special and traditional service that has become familiar to locals. Those restaurants that maintain their cooking loyal to the typical Portuguese flavours and a decoration that makes them stand out for a particular reason.

These are the restaurants that have become iconic in Lisbon. They are an obligatory stop for those who are visiting Lisbon for a short (or long) period of time and would like to taste the real flavours of the city.


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