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Christmas lights in Lisbon

Arvore Natal

A little over a month until Christmas, Lisbon decorates its streets with more than two million bulbs of low consumption light throughout the city centre.


Lisbon: discovering the unexplored areas of the city


Getting to know Lisbon can be done in a number of ways. Walking around the cobbled streets may sometimes be tiring and renting a car may be complicated when it comes to parking; and so we went out to discover a few other ways in which we could make our way around the city. This is how we came across some little yellow cars, some red and black segways and buggies, and decided to try them out. We packed in our fear (we had no idea how to run a segway!), our cameras, and a thick coat (it may get cold driving around in open air in December) and went down to the shops in downtown Lisbon.


Winelands of Portugal


At last! “Winelands of Portugal” offers a wine tour itinerary around Portugal. Visit the many vineyards throughout the country, get to know the process of growth, production and the creation of wine. It is a truly fulfilling experience and a chance to see up close the relationship between mankind and nature and the wonderful products that emerge from this.


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