Christmas lights in Lisbon

Arvore Natal

A little over a month until Christmas, Lisbon decorates its streets with more than two million bulbs of low consumption light throughout the city centre.

On the 20th of November the Mayor, António Costa, turned on the lights that illuminate the streets of Lisbon. Christmas suddenly feels closer. Even during these days when the cold invades the city, it is a pleasure to walk through the centre of Lisbon and admire the different styles of decoration here exposed. Noteworthy is the great heart that lights up the Camões square in Chiado, inspired by the art of working filigree, typical in Portuguese jewellery pieces. This great light installation joins tradition with technology, as it is an interactive sculpture, connected to a box with buttons that allow people to change its colour. But only with a tour of the city will you begin to appreciate the different forms of Christmas lights within Lisbon.

Coração praça de Camões

Walk down the Avenida da Liberdade, with its wide sidewalks and its beautiful gardens all lit. Go through the Rua Aurea where you will see the headquarters of Banco Santander-Totta, one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Lisbon, surrounded by small white lights. In Rua Victoria above the cobbled pavement are large red balls that shine bright within a fleet of white threads. In Alvalade, the broad Avenida Igreja is filled with lights, as are most neighbourhoods in Lisbon.

Awaited with great expectation every year is the huge Christmas tree, which stands in the Parque Eduardo VII since the 29th of November. Each year the design of this famous tree changes. Its structure began to be assembled on the 19th of October, taking over a month to be built and perfected. The tree shines over the large Marquês de Pombal square in one of the most beautiful green areas of the city from 17h45 to 01h the next morning until the 7th of January.

ome to Lisbon during the Christmas season. The lights of the city will certainly enchant you.


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