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Tiles in Lisbon

Painel Azulejo

There are very few places in the world that can pride themselves of maintaining the tradition and artistic use of tiles. Each group of “azulejos” (from the Arab word azzelij meaning small polished stone), as they are called in Portuguese, tell a story or portray a tradition. The best way to get to know this beautiful and unique traditional form of Portuguese art is to walk around the city, or visit the museum.


Gallery hopping in Lisbon's Chiado

Galeria Fábulas

These art galleries in the dynamic area of Chiado are affirming themselves more and more as art dealers for both national and international clients. Today, the galleries’ metier not only has a wide knowledge of art, but also a business outlook to what the gallery exposes. The galleries invest greatly on the artist they decide to exhibit and represent. One of the greatest focus is to promote young and contemporary Portuguese artists who are becoming increasingly recognised all over the world. 


Chiado’s museums: From archeology to contemporary

Convento do Carmo

Chiado is one of the most exciting areas in Lisbon. You just need a small walk around to get a feeling that every day there is something new or invigorating happening. Old 19th century buildings are being revived with apartments and modern shops on the ground floor. There is a harmony between the innovative design of shops, restaurants and boutiques inside historic buildings. There is a growing beauty and character of Chiado. With aesthetics and style in mind, this is is also one of the most interesting cultural centres. Apart from its multiple galleries, Chiado has a few museums where, since the moment you step in, it’s a learning experience.


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