Rock In Rio Lisbon 2012 - Music Festival

Rock in Rio 2004

This music festival is one of the biggest in the world. With seven editions to date - three in Brazil, three in Lisbon and one in Madrid - Rock in Rio has brought together over 4.5 million people. The TV broadcast of Rock in Rio was seen by over one billion viewers in more than 70 countries. With this amount of attention, the Rock in Rio festival aims to promote a “better world”. Through music, this event intends to educate, create awareness and initiative, and help mobilise the younger generations to protect the environment. The “City of Rock” comes to life again in June 2010, with more great bands, with numerous tents for every musical taste, and lots of other attractions within the Parque da Bela Vista.


Jazz in Lisbon

Onda Jazz

Jazz was born from the black community of New Orleans, which found in music a form of expression during a time that black people’s rights were suppressed. It developed from many musical traditions, predominantly from african-american music. It incorporates blues, swing and ragtime beats, but what makes jazz special is improvisation. Lisbon has a few jazz bars where jazz players come and act and improvise, sometimes. They are great venues for many of the world’s most famous and renowned bands to come and perform.




“Saudade” or longing, missing and yearning, is the main deep-seated feeling behind this folk music. But Fado means destiny, or fate. Something you cannot break away from, that life chains to you, a weight or light to be carried always. “Saudade” is proudly defined by the Portuguese as a rooted feeling that rarely abandons the soul of those who left their homeland. Fado also sings about love, the longing for those who have left, the sea, the misfortunes of life, and refers many times to the lives of fishermen and sailors.


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