Clubbing: Lisbon nightlife clubs

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As the sun sets on Lisbon, the wonderful bright light fades, but the city gains a whole new life. The steep and cobbled streets of Bairro Alto fill with people finding a restaurant and a bar to start their evening. Lisbon has gained a reputation for being one of Europe’s best nightlife cities. The bars are open until the early hours of the morning and bar hopping is very common. But no Lisbon night ends here...


Casino Lisboa: For adults only

Casino LisboaCasino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa opened its doors on the 19th April 2006, a date it is very proud to celebrate every year with shows and concerts as important as those for the much expected night of New Years Eve.

With over 1000 machines in a spacious area spread over two floors, the Casino de Lisboa is a sure bet for everyone, for those who enjoy not only the challenge and suspense of the game, but also who want to enjoy a delicious meal, a fantastic concert, or a great show.  The Casino Lisboa definitely distinguishes itself from many due to the futuristic and modern architecture and decoration. With a free entry, this is a place for everyone over 18 to enjoy.


Casino Estoril: The largest Casino in Europe

Casino EstorilSalão Preto e Prata

Located in Estoril, 18km from Lisbon and 20km away from the Lisbon International airport, the Casino Estoril was the first Casino to open in Europe.

Visiting the Casino means embarking in one of the most diverse and animated experiences in greater Lisbon. The Casino is in constant modernisation and innovation, with thrilling shows, an extensive programme of exhibitions in the Art Gallery, modern restaurants with excellent food and service, two very entertaining night clubs and, for those who take pleasure in gaming, a wide choice of machines and tables for an enjoyable evening. The only condition is to be over the age of 18.


Bars - lisbon's most trendy places


Lisbon nightlife is widely known for its numerous bars and clubs. The clubs are large open-space areas, with the best cutting edge DJs coming into Lisbon for some of the best nights in Europe. But a night is only complete with a dinner, a drink and a dance floor. Lisbon has hundreds of bars on offer. The best is to track up and down Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Alcântara or Cais do Sodré, but check out here which ones are the hippest and trendiest bars in town...


Wine Bars in Lisbon

nectar wine bar

Wine is one of Portugal’s best national produces. A wine is better enjoyed in great company, of both food and people. Around Lisbon, there are several wine bars that have made a special selection of both national and international wines. Many offer food or snacks to accompany each different wine. They are cosmopolitan bars or ones with great history. Want to go wine tasting?


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