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Glass and Ceramic in Portugal: From Tradition to modernity

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Clay and glass are two of the materials with which Portugal has always worked and are an expression of the Portuguese creative vein. Manufacturing goods with clay has existed since Prehistoric times, hence, the History and customs of Portugal can be told through the study of these materials. Ceramic, porcelain and glass are used both for household utensils as for decorative pieces made with a great sense of humour and imagination. Always faithful to tradition, the great Portuguese manufacturers have developed techniques to improve the quality of their products and modernise their designs. Increasingly, national brands preserve the classic and develop their models. For those visiting Lisbon and want to take home a souvenir, check out our recommendations:


Markets and Fairs

Feira da Ladra

Part of a city’s lifestyle is observing what people sell and how others buy it. With the development of cities, market-life disappeared. Big department stores appeared, which changed many shopping habits. Even the quality of the products has changed. For a more authentic shopping experience, some of these relics still exist around Lisbon.


Relics of the City I: Casa Havaneza

Casa havaneza History

There are some places within cities that have marked a decade, an epoch, or a generation and which demonstrate the life of a city. Its disappearance would mean the end of a certain lifestyle or habit for many of the people of the city. Some of these relics have been preserved, as is the case of Casa Havaneza.


Wines: the best shopping spots in Lisbon


Everyone enjoys wine in a different way, but a combination of colours, smells, appearance, taste, texture, ritual, tradition and culture attracts people to wine. Portugal has had vineyards since the Roman times, and has since then perfected the production of wine, learning how to blend tradition and modernity, nature and man’s imagination in a perfect way. Portuguese gastronomy is delicious and the selection of wines are just as great. Shopping for wines is sometimes not an easy task. But some shops around Lisbon have made a careful selection of the best wines in Portugal and have an interesting concept. Enjoy shopping for wines in Lisbon.


Typical Modern shops



There are several shops around Lisbon that have maintained their antique appearance, or have revived traditional goods. Within a world that is constantly modernising and globalising at an extremely fast pace, it has been with some effort that many shops have managed to maintain their doors open for so many years. They have modernised their products without loosing their antique design, traditional manufacturing process, and their classic use. Others have opened recently to commercialise typical goods that cannot be found anywhere else anymore. Shop around Lisbon for some of the best Portuguese treasures.


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