Gay & Lesbian Travellers

In January 2010, Gay and Lesbian marriage was legalised by the Portuguese government. Gay and lesbian sex is legal in Portugal and the age of consent is 16. As a modern city, Lisbon has learned to respect gay and lesbian travellers, and there are more and more gay-friendly bars and clubs around the city, however some people (although the numbers have decreased) may react strangely to this type of relationship, as in most cities in the world.

Lisbon is a tolerant city, but the Chiado, the Bairro Alto and the Princípe Real are "gay friendly" quarters, with many shops, antiques, bookshops, restaurants and music stores where relaxation is the word. In addition, this is where the GLBT bookstores are located.

Before coming to Lisbon, you might want to write to the 'Opus Gay Association' (Rua da Ilha Terceira 34- 2º 1000-173 Lisboa) or contact them by phone (+ 351 21 315 13 96) to find out more about gay-friendly areas . Their e-mail is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

On the internet you will find a few Portuguese gay and lesbian sites. The most comprehensive is Available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German.

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