The wonderful glazed tiles were brought to Europe by people coming from the North of Africa. "Azulejo" (tile in Portuguese) comes from the Arab word "azzelij" and was used when referring to a small, flat and polished stone.

In Lisbon, the tiles tell us much about the city's turbulent past. At the São Vicente de Fora Monastery, you can enjoy a magnificent panel that depicts the conquest of Lisbon: Christians scaling walls defended by the Moslems, flags with crescent moons hoisted up, dead bodies, swords and arrows are just some of the scenes depicted.

Want to know more?... Find out for yourself! Search for the wonderful glazed tiles at museums, belvederes, metro stations, Lisbon's Oceanarium, viewpoints, churches and Palaces and see how Lisbon was before the 1755 earthquake, how tiles were used to express the prosperity of manor-houses and churches and how a 115 metres long water channel can be breathtakingly beautiful (Queluz Palace).

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