Airport Transfer Services to Lisbon

If the most troublesome part of travelling is finding the best alternative for transportation to and from the airport - leave this up to us. You won’t have to worry about carrying heavy luggage or racing towards the last airport cab fearing you won’t get there in time anymore.

Since going on a holiday is all about feeling carefree and relaxed, Lisboa Live suggests its airport transfer services for all Lisbon travellers, to relieve you from these stressful situations.

These transfers may be booked prior to your trip and demand just a few minutes of your time. All specific requirements and additional information concerning your flight are necessary details in order for these services to be taken care of promptly and in an organised manner.

Nevertheless, those who have not booked their trip through Lisboa Live are also in luck. These travellers may request an airport transfers as well, under the same conditions.

To suit your preferences, a mini bus or a personal chauffeur are both transfer options provided and are available at a low cost (price accordingly to transportation you have selected). At an equal price for both arrival and return trips, you can expect to find someone at the airport as you land, as well as arriving in time for checking-in for your flight back home.

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