Place to see in Lisbon: Eduardo VII Park

Eduardo VII Park is located on the extreme north side of the Liberty Avenue, right behind the Pombal Marquis Square, and was originally called Liberty Park. Renamed with the name of the King of England who came to Lisbon in 1903 to reaffirm the Anglo-Portuguese alliance, this park provides excellent views over the city and is frequently used to hold exhibitions, concerts and the annual booksellers fair.

Within the park you can find the Sports Pavilion, built in 1932, nowadays named 'Carlos Lopes Pavilion' as a tribute to the Portuguese athlete of the same name, some lakes, statues, an amazing sculpture made by João Cutileiro in a reference to the 25th of April Revolution, Clube VII with tennis court, gym, swimming pool and restaurant.

And the Oscar goes to... (can you hear the drums?)... the Cold Greenhouse! This is a real green museum where plants and flowers from the five continents grow harmoniously together under a huge planked roof that beautifully regulates the air temperature and the intensity of light. It was built in 1930 and allows visitors to rest their spirit and purify their senses in front of an enchanted scenery of lakes, fountains and statues.

The area is divided in three different zones: the original greenhouse, the hot greenhouse and the sweet greenhouse. Within the first (also the coolest) you'll find an extraordinary vegetation that benefits from the construction (iron and strips of wood); the hot greenhouse, covered with glass, displays species that need a hotter atmosphere to survive; and the sweet greenhouse is the territory of several species of cactus... watch your feet!

Opening hours: 24 Hours
Entrance fee: Free
Address: Parque Eduardo VII, Lisboa

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