Palácio de Queluz

Queluz is very close to Lisbon and has one of the most wonderful palaces on the area: the Queluz National Palace!

In 1747, the Infant D. Pedro (future D. Pedro III - King of Portugal), commissioned the architect Mateus Vicente de Oliveira to transform his 17th-century hunting lodge into a Rococo summer palace. The main body of the Palace, built until 1758, was finished after the marriage of D. Pedro with D. Maria Francisca, future Queen D. Maria I (1760). By this time, the wealthy saloons were ennobled, as well as the beautiful gardens with all sorts of baroque fountains, tiles and statues. Jean Baptiste Robillion was the french master in charge of the magnificent Robillion Pavilion, the gardens and the redesign of the Music Room.

Frequently compared to the Versailles Palace, this monument - apart from the pavilion built by Robillion with strong french European influences - is very Portuguese both in its scale and artistic spirit.
Nowadays, this palace is used by the Portuguese State as a residence for government and state chiefs that visit Portugal and for special meetings. It is also open to visitors, so make sure you try one of the many tasty dishes available at the Cozinha Velha restaurant located in one of the palace wings and that you don't miss the chance to see the incredible decorative arts exhibition coming from royal collections.

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