Lisbon: Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta (Augusta street) is located in one of the busiest quarters of Lisbon. Closed to traffic, this pedestrianised street has all sorts of shops for all sorts of tastes, flower peddlars, hot chestnuts sellers, street cafés, independent street Artists like the "statue man" or the familiar harmonica player and many, many more.

This street has on both extremes two magnificent squares: the Rossio Square and the Commerce Square. Near the arch that gives way to the Commerce Street you will find many peddlers with all sorts of things to sell from jewellery to shoes to handbags, neck-scarfs to temporary tattoos... anything... just name it!

Another curious thing in this area is the name of the streets that run parallel to Rua Augusta. They all come from the occupations or the materials once existent and worked on here: Rua dos Sapateiros (shoemakers), Rua da Prata (silver), Rua do Ouro (gold), etc.
The old architectural style, originally from the reconstruction of Lisbon made by Marquês do Pombal after the 1755 earthquake, is still intact, so you can see many of the buildings as they originally were. You're going to love this street!

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