Palácio de Belém

Belém Palace is the official residence of Portugal’s President. Built in 1559 by the noble D. Manuel de Portugal it is located in an area that you will definitively, surely not want to miss. In the 18th century it was called 'palace of the lions' and its emblem is the Lion - Solar symbol that combines Wisdom and Power; it can be seen in several locations around the palace.

The entrance is watched over by two guards. It's amazing how serious they look in their magnificent uniforms; a curious helmet with a white tail and a sword that is hung on the belt... It makes you think you've gone back in time.

You may visit the Palace and its beautiful gardens on Saturdays between 10h30 and 17h00, so long as no official acts are taking place. There are guided tours of the Museum done by a specialised assistant and the entrance fee is 5€ (students and people who have retired or are over 65 years old have a discount of 2€).

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