Jardim Zoológico Lisbon

With one of the best zoological exhibitions in the world set in enclosures very similar to their original habitats, this garden also offers diverse leisure activities as well as other services.

The main attractions are:
Dolphins Bay: the Dolphins Bay was begun in 1995 and is now one of the biggest attractions of the Zoo. Don't miss a funny and interesting show that takes place in the scenery of a fishing village! This show combines the acrobatics of the dolphins and the sea-lions with some interesting information about the characteristics of these animals, their adaptation to marine life and some ecological elements. Give yourself the opportunity to come and learn in a very amusing way!

Cable car: Opened in 1994, the cable car also became one of the biggest attractions. In two persons cabins, visitors can enjoy a 20 minutes ride over the Zoo offering a most unique view of the zoo gardens. Passing over the hippopotami, the tigers, the lions and many other animals will surely leave you breathless.
Sea-lions: In the sea-lions area you can see a daily show where the relationship between the coach and these affable animals is quite unique. As he introduces each sea-lion to the public, he makes them do some acrobatics and he teaches children about the habits of these fantastic animals.

Reptile land: From the beginning of cellular life on Earth, about 4 thousand million years ago, life was only present in the sea. Around 370 million years ago the first vertebrate animals came to land and reptiles where the first terrestrial animals. They dominated life for most of the periods, including the Jurassic period, and dinosaurs reached the climax of the reptile evolution. Since then no other species has ruled the Earth for as long as they did. Killed by a still-unknown phenomenon, dinosaurs existence ended many, many years ago.... but some reptile species resisted all the adversities and manages to survive until today. Visiting reptile land in Lisbon's Zoo means going back in time and learning all this and more.

Macaw Show: In the Little Theatre of Nature (Teatrinho da Natureza) an ostentatious and cheerful group of macaws, cockatoos and parrots ride bicycles, do roller-skating, drive jeeps, while others show their intellectual capacities by making calculations and some just sit lazily on sun beds.

Little farm (Quintinha): The little farm was created in 1996 to bring people back to the 'countryside'. Within this area the intention is to stimulate close contact between children and domestic animals frequently seen on rural properties and allow children to see a wide variety of vegetables and fruit in a natural environment.

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