National Museum of Ancient Art

National Museum of Ancient Art (Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga)

This museum is located near Santos o Velho and has a wonderful view over the Tagus river. Commonly known as Janelas Verdes Museum (this name came from the street where it's located - Janelas Verdes Street), it was constructed in 1884 to hold the pieces coming from monestaries and churches that became State property.

The museum's collection includes european art, including paintings, sculpture, jewelry, furniture, ceramics, textiles and other decorative arts representing the artistic forms from the Middle-Ages to the 20th century. It also shows a remarkable collection of ornamental objects made in Africa, India, China and Japan.

The National Museum of Ancient Art has become an essential reference to those who want to know and understand Portuguese art through the years.

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays and closed on Mondays and some national holidays.

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